Timing Is Everything

Time to market is important, but it's most important to get to market
at just the right time- just when interest is growing the faste
st. You
need to be just in front of the wave
with a winning solution to a
customers problem
. That's where Wavefront Marketing can help.

We help you
turn semiconductor technology into winning
by creating customer solutions targeted to and timed
for emerging markets.

What We Do

Wavefront Marketing provides Marketing Services to semiconductor
companies and the expanding ecosystem of distributors, design
tools, design services and intellectual property companies needed
to deliver complete solutions to todays design engineers. In the
rush to develop new products a complete solution can make all the
difference between a successful new product introduction or a

Wavefront Marketing can assist you in pulling together all the
pieces require to create a successful solutions launch. We do this
by using a customized set of the following techniques:
Who We Are

Wavefront Marketing has over 50 years of experience in the
semiconductor market spanning all aspects of product
development and introduction- including strategic planning,
strategic partnering, business development, product planning,
engineering,  applications, marketing, call center support and
distribution. Wavefront has done projects as an employee or
consultant   for companies like AMD, Avnet, Actel, Hitachi, Lattice
Semiconductor, LSI Logic and Texas Instruments as well as a
variety of small start-ups.   
For More Details

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help you be successful with your next new product launch.

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About Us web page to get more information on the
experience of the Principles of Wavefront Marketing.

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Wavefront Marketing
Providing actionable market analysis and customer surveys
Developing detailed market introduction plans with target
solutions based on detailed survey results
Identifying the needed partners and 3rd parties to create
the solution
Working with you to evaluate internal and external options
for solution development and launch
Identifying the critical  tasks required to successfully use
your distribution channel to introduce your solution to
customers and drive sales