About Wavefront Marketing

Wavefront Marketing provides marketing services, on a consulting
basis, to start-ups and established companies in the
semiconductor and semiconductor related businesses. We focus
on working with you to help create a complete solution for your
customers, critically timed to 'catch the wave' of market growth for
your product or service and targeted specifically at your sales
channel for maximum delivery speed and customer impact.

We do this by using a variety of interlocking techniques that drive
customer activity, in a step by step fashion, to quickly move a
customer from the first flicker of interest to purchasing ramp.

A partial list of the techniques we employ are given in our Services
web page.
About Us
Wavefront Marketing Consultants

Warren Miller

Warren has over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor and
related industries in defining, building, managing, marketing and
selling high tech products. He has worked at Advanced Micro
Devices in product planning and applications for programmable
logic where he managed the team responsible for the 22V10
programmable logic device- an industry standard with well over
$250M in sales. At AMD he also managed the high-speed (100Mb)
networking engineering team and brought products to market that
won key designs at IBM and Digital Equipment.

While at Avnet Warren was VP of Marketing for Avnet Design
Services and was responsible for technical marketing activities
targeted at quickly growing sales for Avnet semiconductor
suppliers. He created the Avnet Avenue(TM) development kit
program that generated over $30M in supplier component sales by
using evaluation and development kits to seed suppliers products
with design engineers during the early stage of product
development. These kits were also used by Avnet FAEs as training
platforms for the hands-on customer workshops, the
Speedway(TM) Workshop Series. This series trained over 2,000
engineers per year using presentations and detailed laboratory
exercises, giving designers enough confidence to commit to using
new products, technology and tools in their next design.

At Avnet Warren was also responsible for marketing the Avnet
Design Services ASIC and FPGA design centers, Intellectual
property and design tools partnerships. He generated the majority
of press and public relations activity for Avnet Electronics Marketing
and authored over 50 press releases, quotes and other press

Warren has also done product development for Actel, LSI Logic,
Monolithic Memories and Lattice Semiconductor either as an
employee or contractor.

Warren holds 5 patents and has authored over 100 technical
papers and magazine articles.

Sam Beal, Ph.D.

Sam has 25 years experience in the marketing and development of
semiconductors for system integration, including early
contributions in IC industry shifts: CMOS, ASIC, FPGA, and system
in package (SiP). He has extensive experience in semiconductor,
package and manufacturing technology and processes as well as
in depth knowledge of the CAD tools required for SiP, ASIC, FPGA
and signal integrity. He has worked at start-ups Jigsaw Tek and
Alpine Microsystems on complex multi-chip and SiP packaging
technologies and Actel, Hitachi and Texas Instruments and FPGA,
ASIC and CMOS processes respectively.

At Actel Sam was the first hire in the marketing department. He
created the applications and customer support groups responsible
for support, training, technical sales support, benchmarking, and
product documentation. He established a cross-functional
planning process for software product development; developed
user research surveys and usability studies to refine requirements;
worked with EDA vendors to define interfaces and standards.

Sam took on responsibility for software marketing and developed
high-level design techniques for synthesis with Synopsys,
Synplicity, and Exemplar Logic as well as development and porting
of internal and 3rd party IP cores. He defined a new FPGA
architecture with integrated structured array (2 subsequent patent

At Hitachi Sam created the initial five-year business plan for US
ASIC operations. He participated in the Hitachi-VLSI technology
exchange agreement.

At Texas Instruments Sam established TI's first regional ASIC
design center with full P&L responsibility. His team completed >50
turnkey design projects for strategic accounts, including Apple,
Seagate, Adaptec, leading to >40M$ in ASIC revenue.  Greater than
80% of designs went to volume production.  He managed the EDA
tools strategy for all US ASIC design centers.

Sam has 6 patents granted, 4 pending, 25+ published articles and
numerous conference presentations in US, Europe and Japan.