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Wavefront Marketing Services

Wavefront Marketing provides a complete suite of marketing
services from initial market needs analysis, to product definition,
marketing campaign planning and execution.

Our marketing services can be used individually, to augment and
enhance your existing marketing process or bundled to provide a
complete marketing campaign.

Some of the specific services we provide:
Market Analysis
We can generate a comprehensive analysis of your target market
or review your internal market analysis to provide an independent
view. Our market analysis will identify the ideal target launch date
for your product so you can catch the point of highest growth.

Customer Needs Survey/Assessment
We can survey design engineers in your target market to determine
what features a solution needs to have to win significant market
share. Since our interviews are done by design engineers specific
technical requirements can be discussed in sufficient detail to
insure a successful solution results. Specific partners, tools,
software and other 'augments' to your product will be determined
and recommended.

Product Planning Specification Development/Review
Based on the above survey results we can review your existing
product plan or create a custom specification you can use to drive
your product development process to insure you have the
necessary 'hooks' for the solution to be easily created.

Application Solution Definition and Options Analysis
We can develop a set of solution definitions and options, based on
our customer survey, that gives you a range of investment and
return combinations. A more targeted solution will allow quicker
growth in a specific market segment, but will leave other segments
to grow at a slower rate. A more generic solution will accelerate all
market segments, but at a slower rate. The right choice will depend
on the small scale structure of your specific market- something our
above described market analysis can be used to determine.

Launch Plan Development
We can create a comprehensive product launch plan that leverages
the market analysis and solution options described above. Specific
target customer segments can be determined along with a solution
positioning that addresses each segment. The characteristics of
your solution offering will be matched with the capabilities of the
channel and this can feed the Channel Strategy described below.

Channel Strategy Development/Review
We can create a comprehensive channel strategy that fits with the
target customer segments and the solution options determined
above. We can review your plans for training, and promotion and
help with some proven 'tricks' required to get the attention of a
crowded and distracted channel.

Collateral Development
We can create the marketing brochures, application notes, user
manuals, magazine articles, customer training labs and
presentations, field training and conference/exhibit events required
to energize your specific sales channel.

Applications Solution Development
We can help you manage the development of specific components
of your applications solution- evaluation kits, IP cores, drivers,
applications programs, training and application notes by working
with your internal teams or by using third party developers.

Press and PR Activity
We can create comprehensive press and PR campaigns and
generate compelling press releases, advertisements and other
activity that drives product awareness in your targeted customer
base. By leveraging our solutions approach to a product launch you
can leverage similar activity with other market stake-holders and
partners to dramatically increase awareness for your solution.

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above services and to get specific examples.
Market Analysis
Customer Needs Survey/Assessment
Product Planning Specification Development/Review
Application Solution Definition and Options Analysis
Launch Plan Development
Channel Strategy Development/Review
Collateral Development
Applications Solution Development
Press and PR Activity